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Trading indicators to automate your trading and increase your profits significantly.

We create next-gen, actionable visualizations and bots to help the world trade markets smarter.

Built by traders for traders

Automate your trades and unlock a world of Premium trading indicators. Elevate your trading strategy to new heights.

Data-driven clarity

Discover trade confluence effortlessly with our versatile indicators, tailored for every market. Compatible across all devices, our trading tools instantly translate data into clear, actionable market analysis.

Discover your edge

Redefine what’s possible in trading. Tap into an array of cutting-edge signals, overlays and premium features designed to amplify your trading experience. Top-rated indicators, built by traders for traders.

Crafted precision

TradesAI indicators offer automated alerts, live signals and tools you need to speed up your market analysis. Our suite of tools streamlines traders' workflows, is easy to use and offers powerful functionality.

Save valuable time

Maximize efficiency and streamline your workflow with our user-friendly interface, indicators, and toolkits. TradesAI accelerates market analysis, freeing traders from time-consuming tasks.

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Our Cutting Edge Indicators

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Premium Indicators

AI-powered TradesAI Trendlines for hands-free trend drawing, the Market Structure Breakouts (MSB) Indicator for precise pattern detection, and Order Blocks (OB) and Reversal Order Blocks (ROB) for identifying institutional interest zones for any asset.
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Elite Signals

TradesAI offers premium signals with algorithm-powered pre-occurrence trading setups and premium signals, supervised by human analysts, providing institution-grade setups for a diverse range of assets.
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Indicators + Signals Bundle

Get the best of both worlds with our premium product suite including cutting-edge indicators and advanced signals.

Why Take Advantage of Trading Indicators?

TradesAI provides a world-leading suite of trading indicators that makes instant trades, involves zero guesswork, and encourages trust in your trades.
Master the market with our all-in-one solution.


Our tools are easy to use and highly customizable, with seamless integration and backed by 24/7 support.


Whether you're navigating the market or strategizing new ways to trade, we have all the essentials in one place.


Our offering goes beyond the indicator, TradesAI provides community support, education, and live signals.


TradesAI offers free and premium signals on Telegram and Discord, providing trading setups for any asset class.

Use TradesAI to gain smarter, faster & simpler insights into the market. Generate profits with confidence.


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Gain a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency market trends, price movements, and sentiment analysis to make better decisions. Our Crypto indicators are the result of extensive research.
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Elevate your stock trading strategy with our indicators designed to enhance your decision-making process and increase profit. Our indicators offer simpler insights into the market.
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Navigate the dynamic world of currency trading armed with our powerful indicators that decode the complexities of the forex market and make for a smoother trading process.
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What Traders say about Hadi’s Indicators

Jaka Pozzo

Nice entries and beginner friendly

Nice entries on the signals for sure, and the free indicator trendlines helped a lot as I’m still learning to draw them myself, will get premium when it’s released so hurry up!
Roy Klemp

Increased my win rate!

TradesAI MSB’s added lots of confluence to my trades alongside my other methods, helped me narrow down which trades to take and which to ignore and really increased my win rate.
Michael Kiswani

The only tool I need

I don’t chart anymore this just does it all for me, better than me actually, high timeframe and low timeframe on 2 charts and I’m set.
Adam El Saghir

TradesAI is Pure Gold!!

Used to spend all weekend getting my charts ready for the week - not anymore 😊 And the ROBs are pure gold.
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